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Family Resources
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Food & Nutrition

These resources are available to support Colorado families with food and nutrition. 


These resources support Colorado families who need health care or insurance.

low income

These resources are available to support low-income Colorado families.

financial childcare support

Financial assistance is available to families who may not be able to afford quality child care or preschool. The resources on this page will help you learn more about the programs and help you to see if you qualify for aid.

Child Safety Guide

Important information about child safety. Guides and tips with childproofing your home, making school a priority, choosing the right daycare/Preschool and so much more! 

Special Needs Resource Center

Early intervention

All children learn, grow and develop differently. What works for one child may not work for another, and that’s ok! Early Intervention Colorado gives developmental support and services to families with children age 0-2. For program information

child find

Child Find is part of Colorado's system for supporting children who may have a delay in development. If a young child is not meeting typical milestones, or if you are concerned about the child’s growth or learning, Child Find can help. Child Find teams will evaluate how the child plays, learns, speaks, behaves and moves to see if there is a significant delay. The Child Find teams will decide if there is a need for early intervention or special education services.

early childhood special education

Preschool Special Education is for three and four-year-old children who are eligible for special education by state criteria. Eligible children have challenges in their learning and development. A child is eligible for Preschool Special Education if they have a significant delay in one or more areas of development.

Parents/Families of a Child with a Disability

The Colorado Department of Education has resources for parents and family members of children with disabilities. The site has information on special education and support services for families who have a child with a disability between the ages of 8 and 21.

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