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Child at the Pediatrician

General Health Appraisal

Parents should be filling this out and giving it to the provider/school. 

2,4,6,9,12,18 months

2 years then annually

Kid Getting Vaccinated


Should be updated each time a child gets any vaccines. Must also be turned in. There are 3 forms for this. 

1. Completed

2. In Progress (if falls behind)

3. Exempt

Bullet Journal

Medication Log

You must have authorization from the child's doctor and family before medications are administered. You must also keep a log.


Drills Log

You are required to practice drills every year and keep a log of them. 



Easy authorizations form that you can have parents fill out.

Reading with Magnifying Glass
Family Dispute
Desk Globe
Asking for Pacifier
Baby Picture

Swaddling Authorization

Pacifier Authorization

State Background


Privacy Act Notification

This form must be filled out and signed by anyone living in your house and anyone you hire

Must be filled out and sent in for the child neglect background

In and out of state records will be checked. This form must be filled out. Please see the form for more instructions

Parents must get this filled out for their babies to use a pacifier in your in care. Including at nap times. 

Parents must get this filled out for their babies to be swaddled in your in care.

Kids Playing Soccer


Per the rules and regulations, children are to go outside. 

Grandma's Healing Touch

How Sick is Too Sick

Unfortunately kids get sick, here is a form to hand out to parents so they know when to keep them home.

Reading with Magnifying Glass

Illness Log

Keep track of all the illness you have. If you have a break out you will need to call the CDC

Taping a shoulder wound

Accident Report

Accidents happen, Colorado wants you to keep a record of when kiddos get hurt. Do not forget to notify the parents. Here is a form they can even sign

Pillow Fight

Incident Report

Sometimes our friends hurt other friends. Its not fun when it happens, but families need to be aware of this behavior. Here is one they can sign

Signing a Contract
Girl Running
Cute Baby Items
Image by Maria Lin Kim
Field Trip

Field Trip


Diaper Chart

Physical Form

Visitor Sign In/Out Example

Anyone coming and going during working business hours must sign in and out. 

You must visit a doctor and have them fill out this form. 

Check out the steps on how to change a diaper. 

When a you, a child, or someone else should wash their hands

Parents are able to fill out this form each time you want to take a field trip.

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